Does Christ Jesus still have marks on his body from the cross?

Does the Lord still bear in His glorified body the marks of the Cross?

Most certainly. In Revelation 5:6 John was granted a vision of the Lord in ascension on the throne of God, and He was seen as a living Lamb, standing, and yet as having been slain, that is, as plainly bearing in His body the sacrificial marks, or in other words, the scars, of Calvary. Besides, how could we admit for a moment that the marks in His resurrection body to which He made appeal again and again to prove His identity, have been removed since? How, moreover, could such appeal be real, unless the marks were something more than temporary and indeed an essential part of His spiritual body? It would be like some one appealing to imitation scars, to prove identity with someone who had received real wounds. We should lose, too, antitypically in a very serious way were we to admit the possibility hinted at in the question. For then how explain the blood on the live bird let loose into the open field in the day of the leper’s cleansing? (Lev 14:7). Or what would there be in the Heavenly temple to correspond to the blood on the earthly mercy seat, if the One on the throne no longer bore the marks of Calvary? When the Lord arose He had the same body that was crucified and slain, but under new conditions, that is, it was now a spiritual body. Again in ascension He had the same body as before, but once more under new conditions, for it was a glorified body, but still bearing as its highest glory the scars of Calvary.
It is indeed the presence of the Lord on the throne, which gives it its character as a throne of grace, and how appropriate then that He should retain His scars of atonement!