Does God treat people differently in different ages?

When God deals with different people in different times, do His dealings ever overlap?

"Unto the King of the ages,... be honor and glory unto the ages of eternity" (1 Timothy 1:17, Newberry), indicates that the Sovereign of the universe has designated distinct ages and He controls and dispenses all in all the ages. Such principles as repentance, faith, and submission to God abide in every dispensation. Likewise, the gospel of the grace of God in this age and the gospel of the kingdom in a coming age are both founded on atonement. How God works distinguishes these periods. Since the Church is a wholly new entity and not an extension of Israel, each has its own peculiar and distinct dealings from God. In the present age, God is forming the Church. When this masterpiece is complete, God will deal with the nation of Israel in a distinct way Although God's ways are always consistent with each dispensation, events in one age can foreshadow events in the succeeding age. We may be observing events today that foreshadow prophetic scriptures yet to be fulfilled. To borrow from another, "If it were not that we knew that the clock of prophecy cannot commence until the Church is raptured, we would have thought it had already commenced." "How unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out" (Romans 11:33)!

A. Hull