When will Jesus drink of the wine in his father's kingdom?

What did our Lord mean in Matthew 26:29, "when I drink it new with you in My Father's kingdom?"

The context is clear. The Lord is partaking of the last Passover supper and will soon be separated from them. He leaves them with the assurance that in the millennial day He will have the new joy (symbolized in the fruit of the vine) of celebration with them in that Messianic kingdom. The emphasis is on spiritual joy. "My Father's kingdom" expresses the intimacy of that kingdom suggested by the singular "My." These related terms are suggestive: "kingdom of God," the source of the kingdom; "kingdom of heaven," the sphere of the kingdom; "My Father's kingdom," the secrets of the kingdom; "the kingdom of their Father," the sharers of the kingdom. That last Passover anticipated the day when He would share His fullness of joy with His own in His Father's kingdom. What took place in embryo before His death will have universal fulfillment.

A. Hull