What does the parable of 10 virgins mean?

Will you please interpret the Parable of the Ten Virgins?

As in previous parables (cf. The Wedding Garment, Matthew 22), the Lord Jesus stresses in this parable the need for keeping watch for His return (see 24:42, 44) as well as His rejection of unreality when He does return. Like the man without the wedding garment, the five foolish virgins represent those who expected to be in the kingdom but had never properly prepared. Although Paul uses the imagery of a chaste virgin in reference to the assembly at Corinth, the Church which is His body is seen as a unit (His Bride), not as friends attending the wedding or wedding supper, therefore the Rapture is not likely in view. Since this is part of an answer to the disciples' question in chapter 24:3 regarding the end of the age and the coming of the Son of Man, it would seem that this parable points to the advent of the Lord Jesus as King of kings, coming to establish His kingdom. During His public ministry, the Lord Jesus was often confronted by those in Israel who felt that, as a result of their natural links with Abraham, they held privileged ground (John 8:33). His warning to them will have its dire fulfillment at His coming when many "children of the kingdom" will be cast into outer darkness (Matthew 8:12).

E. Higgins