What does Ezekiel's vision of dry bones mean?

What is the meaning of Ezekiel 37:1-10, where we read of the valley which was full of dry bones?

Skull Human BonesThe explanation of this vision is given in verses 11-14 of the chapter. This is a prophesy concerning the national restoration of Israel. God's earthly people have long been buried as a nation and the ten tribes hidden out of sight in many countries of the world. They are spoken of here as "dry bones," "very dry." When the Lord comes back to earth again, these dry bones, so to speak, will be raised and brought to life. Then this prophesy will be literally fulfilled. Israel will be restored to the covenant rights given to that nation by God long ago, and placed and established in the land that God gave to His earthly people.

H. Alves (December, 1963)