How do the churches of Revelation prophetically show ages of the church?

How do we interpret this view?

The Lord presents the seven churches as golden lampstands, precious witnesses of divine truth. Any "prophetic" or mystery interpretation must therefore focus on divine testimony and its preservation until the Rapture.

Second, the conditions affecting the 7 churches to which John sent the Revelation could, in greater or less degree, affect any assembly. In the mystery interpretation, the Lord discloses the predominating influences that will affect divine testimony until the Lord comes.

Third, others have pointed out the interesting parallels between characteristics of the seven churches and those of the judges, kings, and the parables in Matthew 13. This supports the thought that these seven predominant influences will be sequential, a sort of cycle of evil that consistently has challenged divine testimony in various ages. The influences that plagued these seven churches will run their cycle until the Lord comes. They are the very forces that appear in the rest of the Revelation, at their apex under the Man of Sin. What encouragement it gives those involved in divine testimony to see that the Lord will eventually destroy these forces when He comes!

D. Oliver