Is there a connection between the resurrection and the timing of the Levitical offerings?

Is there a connection to the Levitical offerings?

We are familiar with the truth that the Lord rose from the dead as the Firstfruit (1Co 15:23). This fulfilled the Feast of Firstfruits (Lev 23:10). On the exact day that feast was fulfilled by Christ’s resurrection, the citizens of Jerusalem saw people alive whom they knew had died. These who came back from death were not part of the "harvest" of which Christ is the Firstfruits. He is unique as the Firstfruit. These returned to death. They are a reminder of that Feast of Firstfruits and its promise of a coming harvest: this sheaf of wheat is a first fruit, and other sheaves will follow. Just as that first fruit was especially for God, so our resurrected Lord has precedence over all others. Those who have part in the first resurrection (Rev 20:5), like Christ, will never die again.

D. Oliver