Did saints who rose from the dead after Jesus died go to heaven?

Did they go to heaven in glorified bodies?

Being raised from the dead is different from being resurrected. Paul refers to the coming resurrection as an "out resurrection" (Phi 3:11) from among the dead. Those who share in this "out resurrection" will come out from the number of the dead, leaving many of the dead behind to come to life in a later resurrection. More than that, they will leave death behind, never to die again.

These mentioned in Matthew 27 were raised from the dead and, like Lazarus, came back with their own bodies, which were still subject to death. "Putting on immortality" awaits the first resurrection (1Co 15:52), the "out resurrection." If those saints who came out of their graves went to heaven bodily, this relatively small band would be the only believers who have had their bodies in the Lord’s presence through the many centuries since the Lord ascended.

D. Oliver