Who are the overcomers in Revelation?

Who are the overcomers in Revelation 2 and 3?

The seven assemblies the Spirit addressed in the Revelation were literal churches; the conditions He addresses in the letters to them existed in those assemblies. The overcomers in each assembly were believers who had spiritual power to counter and transcend the evil influences that caused the conditions addressed. The overcomers thus maintained testimony regarding the character of Christ, something which none but believers could do. In his other writings, John teaches that overcoming is a characteristic of all believers (1Jo 2:13, 14; 4:4; 5:4, 5). Therefore all true believers in each of the churches overcame the evil conditions that threatened the "testimony of Jesus."

The letters to these churches unfold also "the mystery of the seven stars" (ie, churches) (Rev 1:20). Amid evil conditions that will affect testimony during the entire time until the Rapture, all believers and only believers will be overcomers.

To be sound in handling the Word of God, we must treat the overcomers consistently, whether in the literal or mystery interpretation of these letters.

D. Oliver
In general, what is the Lord emphasizing in the rewards He offers the overcomers?

The Spirit wrote the Revelation to the seven churches. He did not write in order to satisfy their curiosity about the future, nor help them gain a degree in eschatology. The book would adjust their testimony to be consistent with what Christ would be and do at His revelation. It would assure them that "the testimony of Jesus" (1:2, 9; 19:10) will eventually and inevitably triumph.

In addition, each letter associates the overcomers with the coming glories. They have a share in the tree of life, a crown of life, the book of life, the ruling rod of iron, white raiment, the temple, coming city, and "My throne." They needed to read the rest of the book to understand the glorious implication of these statements. And, as we would expect from the inspired pen, each compensation is tailor-made to counter the conditions those believers faced.

D. Oliver