Will young children be taken in the rapture?


Is it scriptural to say that the children of believers shall be caught up when the Lord comes?

Some evangelists say they will, while others say they will not. I mean children not old enough to understand.

Does not the difference of view among the Lord’s servants arise from the fact that there is no clear revelation in the Word of God? It would seem unthinkable that the small children of unconverted parents throughout the world should be all caught away when the Lord returns, for if any go all must go. It is equally unthinkable that the irresponsible children of Christians, the subjects of believing prayer, should be all left behind when their parents are taken, for if any are left all must be left. Can we not leave the matter to God in the assurance that the Judge of all the earth will do right? In the meantime diligently point the little ones to the Saviour.