Is there a time gap in Daniel 9:26 and 27?

What warrant have we for insisting on a “gap” or parenthesis in Daniel 9:26, between verses 26 and 27?

There must be a gap, if not between the two verses, at least between V. 27 and the great events in the early part of v. 26, with the consequent scattering of the Jews. This verse seems to work itself out in a long defined period of war and desolation. Then comes v. 27, showing us some one king making a covenant with the many “for a week.” Who is this but the prince of v. 26, whose people destroyed Jerusalem centuries before? And who are “the many” but part of the scattered Jews
restored to their land, and recognised as a nation? This restoration is taking place before our eyes, for the first time for 1850 years; but no “prince” has yet appeared to make the seven years’ covenant, so v. 27 is still future. Neither party will imagine why the covenant will be specially for “one week,” but “the wise will understand.”