Is the Internet a worse influence than television for a Christian?

We often hear ministry warning against television, but isn’t the Internet worse?

The Internet’s pollution is both worse and constantly available; however, its email service and volumes of information can be spiritually and educationally helpful. This highlights an important difference. We could hardly watch the news coverage, commercials, and programming of television without being bombarded by its unbiblical values, but we can use the Internet without accessing its corruption. One alternative for believers is that some software and some Internet providers limit access to the Internet’s defilement; nevertheless, computers in the work place and in public libraries still provide full Internet access. In an increasingly immoral world, we must, as never before, teach and motivate one another and our children to make right choices, avoiding the serious consequences of choosing otherwise. We can "use," but not "abuse" (1 Corinthians 7:31) the Internet, a choice that hardly exists with television.

D. Oliver