How is a believer

How is a believer’s spiritual gift developed?

Enrolling in the right school is essential to developing spiritual gift. The only accredited school is the school of God. All classes are integrated into the local assembly, although many involve private tutoring. 1 Corinthians 12:7, while speaking of spiritual gifts, refers to "the manifestation of the Spirit." A believer’s gift is not only the result of what the Spirit of God gives at conversion, but of what the Spirit of God does in the life. As a believer yields to the Spirit, increasing evidence of His work will be manifested or "appear" (related word in 1 Timothy 4:15). Before Paul encourages Timothy to develop his gift by using it (1 Timothy 4:14), he first emphasizes exemplary living (verse 12) and training in godliness (verse 7).

Development of gift is a two sided responsibility, the assembly’s and the individual’s. The assembly is God’s training ground; elders look for and encourage the Spirit’s manifestation in a believer’s life. For example, they lead in gospel outreach, involving younger, exercised believers in teaching children, either in the Sunday School or in assembly children’s work in locations apart from the assembly’s building. Barnabas’ relationship with Paul illustrates this (Acts 11:25 - 15:35).

Whether or not others fulfill their responsibility, the believer is responsible before the Lord to fulfill his. Without asserting himself, he can wait on God, diligently do what the Lord gives him to do, pray for a deeper burden for those within his care, apply himself to the Word of God so as to serve effectively, and humbly submit to God’s dealings in his life.

D. Oliver