How should a Christian pray for political events?

For what did Paul exhort prayer (1 Timothy 2:1-2)?

The Lord’s "world view" ("In the world ye shall have tribulation," John 16:33), Paul’s eventual martyrdom, and the context make it doubtful that he requested prayer for a government favorable to Christian living and the spread of the gospel.

Leading "a quiet and peaceable life" certainly is "good and acceptable" (verse 3), but the context more likely describes praying "for all men" (verse 1) as being "acceptable" to God, "Who will have all men to be saved." By repeating "all men," Paul encouraged prayer for the salvation of all men.

Even though the government was acting immorally in opposing the gospel and imprisoning its messengers, Christian piety and morality ("godliness and honesty") remained unchanged. Believers would live in quietness (externally "aloof from political agitation," Vincent) and peace (inwardly calm) by keeping their focus and praying for the salvation of all men, including cruel kings. Whatever the condition of government may be, our mission in the world is to see men saved.

D. Oliver