Can a believer be out of fellowship with God?

Can a believer be out of fellowship with God?

Speaking of losing our enjoyment of fellowship with God may be a better way to express this thought.

John writes his first epistle so the believers will have fellowship "with us" (1:3). He was the last surviving apostle and the apostles doctrine was under attack. The truths of this epistle confirmed believers in what the apostles taught. In this way, believers would have a deeper, more settled enjoyment of fellowship with John and those for whom he testified (1:2). John then affirms that he, the apostles, and all in the family of God are in "the fellowship" with the Father and with the Son (1:3). We can never be out of this fellowship.

In the verses that follow, John clearly indicates that sinning is not characteristic of the believers life, nor is lying or not doing the truth (1:6). Either an individual walks in darkness or in light, because he is either an unbeliever or a believer. The demarcation is clear. All who walk in the light (characteristic of all believers) have fellowship "one with another" (1:8).

Sadly, a believer can fail to enjoy this fellowship. Life is wasted while a believer is not enjoying this wonderful, family fellowship.

D. Oliver