What is a woman's "meek and quiet spirit" in 1 Peter 3?

What is a meek and quiet spirit, spoken of in 1st Peter 3:4?

Peter uses Sarah as an example for godly wives. The recorded occasion when she called Abraham "Lord" (Genesis 18:12) took place when her husband and their guests discussed Sarahs having a child in her old age. She laughed at the impossibility of such a thing, but was to learn the value of not unresisting Gods ways with her. This is meekness. It is not an undesirable feature that grows in the garden of weakness. It is the strength that responds submissively to the Lords way of accomplishing His will in us.

True beauty of spirit embraces Gods ways with us as being only good. A number of translations use the word "gentle" for "meek." Respect for the Lord, rather than fear of others, produces this gentleness. Societys view of a meek woman pictures her as being afraid because she dare not do otherwise. Scriptures view of a meek woman presents her as willingly bowing to the Lord, because she knows His ways are best.

The word translated "quiet" has the thought of tranquility, peace. Her quiet spirit is at peace in the enjoyment of the Lords presence.

These are features unknown or unappreciated in the world, but regarded by the Lord as "an ornament of great price."

D. Oliver