How much education should a woman pursue?

To what extent should a woman pursue an education?

God can use each of His children, no matter how limited. Nevertheless, God evidently used the education of a Moses or a Saul of Tarsus for His glory. Higher education prepares believers for honest occupations (Titus 3:14, Weymouth) and, in Gods hand, can be effective in developing a believers usefulness. All believers, male or female, need to exercise care that career aspirations do not eclipse their appreciation of the will of God.

A sister may never marry, may marry and be widowed, or may need to work because of an injury to her husband or some other difficulty. She should be adequately prepared for this, consistent with her abilities.

If married, the development of her capabilities through education enables her to more fully understand the field in which her husband works. She is better suited as his helper (Genesis 2:18).

A good education may likewise enable wife to contribute more to the mental development of the children the Lord has given to her.

A believer, whether male or female, should pursue an education to the degree it is consistent with these three conditions: it is within his means; it is appropriate to his capabilities; it will enhance his usefulness to the Lord.

D. Oliver