How can I know God's will for me personally?

How can I know God's will for me personally?

The New Testament records God's will for all believers. The largest part of our life fits within these guidelines. We must approach the Bible with objective questions about His will for us. Through His Word, we should attempt to learn and do His revealed will. Devotion to Christ motivates us to want to do His will. Looking in the Bible for what is "not against His will" indicates we are going through our Christian experience looking for as many shortcuts as possible.

In addition to the Bible's specific expressions of His will, its principles apply to our lives. Scriptural principles express God's ways. If we really want to know our God, we will gladly allow His principles to guide us.

We also learn that God superintends the circumstances of our life. If we are honest with our own heart and are willing to do God's will, the circumstances may be His means of guiding our decision.

We know, for instance, that God "will have all men to be saved" (I Timothy 2:4). But there are times when the Spirit places a special burden on our hearts for a specific sinner. This is the "mystical" side of guidance. It is a sense in the soul - always in keeping with what we know of God through His Word - that this is His will at the moment. We may be wrong in thinking we have discerned His will and therefore need to keep an open mind on this, but never doubt His ability to act in our life consistent with His revealed will.

The more we walk in fellowship with the Lord daily, the more clearly we will sense His guidance.

D. Oliver