How can I help a new believer who has little experience in spiritual matters?

In general, how should we help new believers who have no assembly background?

Accept the new believers as a brother or sister in Christ, regardless of class, culture, economic status, intelligence, social graces, fashion preference, or Bible knowledge. We are their family. Pray for these new believers. They face opposition from their relatives; they struggle with many serious temptations which before salvation were no problem to them. Pray for those who have been used by the Spirit in their salvation; they need wisdom to help the new believer get a good spiritual start.

If the new believer asks your advice, give it gently; you don’t know his load limit. If you feel the new believer needs your correction, don’t assume you know how best to speak to him. Instead, go to the person God has used in his salvation; tell this believer your concerns and trust him to know how to most effectively communicate to the new believer the truth that concerns you.

That believer may have worked long and hard for years to see this person saved. It is patently unfair to destroy that believer’s work by stumbling the new believer. Those who assume that their winsome charm and superior knowledge will enable them to correct a new believer are the most likely to stumble him.

D. Oliver