If a person believes in "falling away", can they really be saved?

How can a saved person believe in "falling away?"

This is possible only because of wrong teaching.

Those who propagate the "falling away" doctrine are wrong about many things. They believe one will lose his salvation when he sins. Wrong! This implies that the work of Christ is insufficient. They teach that to believe in eternal security means one can live a wicked, immoral life and still get to heaven. Wrong! "How shall we that are dead to sin live any longer therein" Romans 6:2? Christ's death FOR us was also our death TO sin. A person who is saved abhors sin and has no desire to continue in it.

Few who hold this doctrine are saved because this basically means salvation is by works. Some among them recognized they were unable to merit salvation. God revealed to them salvation through the finished work of Christ. They believed and were saved. The wrong teachings they hear hinder them from appreciating the wonderful truth that salvation is eternal. Let us pray that God will reveal this to them also.

J. Slabaugh