What does submit mean for wives in Ephesians 5?

What does the submission of wives entail, Ephesians 5:22?

Verse 21 teaches voluntary subjection one to the other in the fear of God. One of the manifestations of this (verse 22) is the (Christian) wife's being submissive to her (Christian) husband as unto the Lord. This indicates that the wife submits (Greek: hypotasso) in loyal subjection (which includes obedience) to her husband, even as the Church is subject to Christ as Head (verse 23). The submissive wife acknowledges her husband's role of CONTROL and RESPONSIBILITY. "Everything" (verse 24) is limited by Lordship based on God's Word. This subjection is not slavish fear of a despotic husband but willing submission. The teaching in no way implies inferiority, but rather Divine intention.

A. Hull