Are people born homosexual?

What are we to make of God's condemnation of homosexuality and recent reports suggesting that some are born homosexual?

The reports alluded to are far from conclusive and far from being universally agreed upon by all in the medical field. In many quarters the desire to prove a biological basis for homosexuality is the driving impetus for the research. But let us assume for the moment that in a future day the biological basis for homosexuality is proven. Does that give license to practice the deed? All will agree that normal heterosexual desires are hormonal and inborn. Does not God condemn the expression of those desires outside the marriage bond? Doesn't every unmarried believer have to discipline those desires and sacrifice them in devotion to Christ and in faithfulness to the Word of God? All union outside the male female union in marriage which God instituted in the Garden is outside the will of God. Having the desire, whether inborn or not, is not the sin. The sin is the expression of that desire in actions, whether heterosexual or homosexual.

A. Higgins