I don't feel motivated to keep loving my spouse. What can I do?

When I lack motivation or encouragement, is there any help?

Keep in mind that honoring the Lord as a spouse is not a means of changing your spouse; it is your loving service to the One Who saved you and wants to honor you. The ultimate purpose is His approval now and at the Bema (2 Corinthians 5:9, 10). Yield daily to the gentle Spirit's work. He is able to give the needed grace. The struggle you sense indicates His desire to claim more of you for Christ (James 4:5, 6).

Look behind you. Your children and other young folks who observe you will be greatly influenced by your example. They have a sixth sense that sees through pretense.

Be thankful that your experiences open windows into the Lord's heart and provide a deepening understanding of the greatest thing God will ever accomplish - presenting a Bride to His Son.

The path to the greatest glory a loving, almighty Father could plan for His Son led through the agonies of Golgotha. Should we complain that our path to eternal glory is not always comfortable?

D. Oliver