How can a couple balance a busy life and the care of their children?

How can a young couple balance a busy life and the care of their children?

The value the world apparently places on children differs from the Lord’s in Psalm 127:3: "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord." A child is potentially the greatest heritage a couple will leave behind them. Viewing children in that light elevates the priority of nurturing them in God’s truth. Rather than a heritage of money or renown, parents whose child loves and lives God’s truth have left a wealthy heritage. The child has true riches; the coming generation is richer; the work of God prospers.

Personal interaction with a child in which the parent models God’s character and mentors the child in God’s truth is time well spent. Many things that clamor for our time will pass away unnoticed. This child is a God-given responsibility and opportunity.

Allowing a child to manage his parents’ time will likely spoil him. Providing time for a child’s spiritual, moral, social, and mental development will likely enrich him.

It may be a very trying experience for a couple if the Lord doesn’t entrust them with a child. It may involve deep trials and disappointments if He does. Nothing parents can do will guarantee a child’s salvation or spiritual enrichment, but a parent can increase the likelihood of these blessings. The best parents fail to some degree. How wonderful to be able to commit a child to God in prayer! We always expect the best from Him.

D. Oliver