What are the marks of the Spirit

What are the marks of the Spirit’s leading in a meeting?

In light of the foregoing principles, our participation should make it easier for and encourage others to participate. What we have contributed should often become a building block that amplifies others’ contributions. If a deadening silence follows our participation, quiet submission to the Lord may produce an awareness of a wrong condition in the soul. If there is honestly no awareness of wrong, then we commit this to the Lord with a humble admission that we have tried to please him. A feeling of depression or elation that follows our participation may not be the most reliable guide. Being willing to wait God’s time for encouragement is essential. He will give the needed encouragement in His own way as well as through others, which is most valuable when it comes from respected believers.

We must move in the presence of God and not live for or by the praise of men. We nonetheless value others and want to move in fellowship with them.

D. Oliver