Why is the issue of homosexuality important to Christianity?

Biblically speaking, why is such teaching important?

We are facing what every generation faces. The world will always challenge the authority of Scripture. The skill with which the enemy engages the battle constantly increases.

At issue are foundational truths. Is God the Creator or are we cosmic accidents? Does morality exist? Does society or does a wise God determine ethics? Are social institutions a Creator’s design or merely human expedients for survival? Is headship an outmoded tradition or God’s design for the honor of His Son as Savior and Superintendent of every divine purpose? Is marriage merely one possible way of experiencing gratifying emotions or is it the design of God to portray the beauty of His eternal purpose for His Son and the church?

Valid scientific studies show the human benefits of these traditional values; inevitably, other studies purport to contradict this. Ultimately, the authority of God’s Word is the bulwark of these and all truths.

If we understand the subtlety, boldness, and vigor of the attack, we must respond. Positive teaching that establishes these truths is primary. We cannot assume that affirming these truths is superfluous. Clearly, defining the nature of the sin of homosexuality is not an overreaction.

D. Oliver