Is the subject of homosexuality a necessary part of an assembly

Is the subject of homosexuality a necessary part of an assembly’s teaching?

This lifestyle is flaunted on the streets. The public media paints this as part of the mainstream of living. The brunt of the effort to change society’s thinking assails the young especially. They are particularly susceptible to the pressure of peers, the usual curiosity of maturing, and the onslaught of prurient literature and web sites.

The Bible addresses this subject. To be fully equipped to live as believers and testify effectively in this world, we need "all the counsel of God" (Acts 20:27). Paul assures us that the Scriptures equip us for every need (2 Timothy 3:17), and his letters exemplify the application of truth to current needs.

This is an emotional subject, so we may tend to avoid it, overreact to it, or fail to understand the devious nature of the attack. As comfortable or appealing as it may be to either avoid the subject or handle it with a "hit and run" approach, an assembly must provide guidance and teaching on the many issues relevant to this subject.

D. Oliver