Are people in heaven married?

Does the Lord teach that believers will not become married in heaven or that the marriage relationship will not exist in heaven?

In answer to the Sadducees’ question about the woman who had seven husbands (Matthew 22:23-32), the Lord discloses that those who have resurrection bodies will not marry or be given in marriage. If this only means that couples will not become married while they are in resurrection bodies, but will retain the status of marriage they had at death (or the Rapture), it hardly answers the question. When each of the seven husbands died, he was married to that one woman. Which of them claims her as wife in the next life? This is the original question and, in that case, the Lord didn’t answer it.

The teaching cannot simply mean that death severs the relationship; therefore none were married at death and so they will not be married at the time of the resurrection. What about the Rapture? Are the only people who remain married in heaven the living couples who go to heaven at the Rapture?

Perhaps a better understanding of the Lord’s teaching is that the unmarried state of angels in heaven is the state of resurrected believers - whether on earth or in heaven. Marriage is an earthly, temporary, but wonderful institution. Its design is to better enable our understanding of the glorious and eternal relationship between Christ and the Church. In heaven our only thought there will be to please Him, our eternal Bridegroom (compare 1 Corinthians 7:34).

D. Oliver