Do people in heaven watch us?


Do saints with the Lord “look this way” as the hymn says?

Are they cognisant of what is taking place on earth, as the hymn puts it, “Some one in glory LOOKING this way”?

I do not know any Scripture, which shows that those with Christ are cognisant of what is going on on the earth, or are “looking this way.” Samuel, when called up from beneath, as I believe he undoubtedly was, did not know why, but had to be told the circumstances by Saul (1 Samuel 28:15). He was not “looking this way,” he called it being “disquieted.”

The rich man in Hades did “look this way,” as far as remembering he had five brethren still alive, who, though he could not see them, he instinctively felt were on the wrong road. Lazarus was in Abraham’s bosom, and gave no indication of “looking this way” (Luke 16: From Ecclesiastes we learn that “the dead know not anything” Ecclesiastes 9:5), that is, of world happenings; not that they are unconscious, but as v. 6 tells us, they have no more “a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.”

If we take our ideas from hymns, we may get some strange ones; but if we disapprove of a hymn, it is better not to sing it, or else to omit the offending verse, than to tamper with it. It is a serious matter to tinker a hymn, without the author’s permission.