Why didn't Johanan succeed Josiah?

Why didnt Johanan succeed Josiah?

According to 1 Chronicles 3:15 Johanan was Josiahs firstborn, making him heir to his fathers throne. Interestingly, he is the only one of the four sons mentioned who did not reign. Shallum (also called Jehoahaz, Jeremiah 22:11) was Josiahs first son to reign, although listed as fourth. Installed by Pharaohnechoh, Jehoiakim, the second son, reigned next. Zedekiah reigned last, installed by Nebuchadnezzar (1 Kings 23:21-24:19). Even if we assumed that Johanan had died, and there seems to be no evidence to support this, that wouldnt explain why Shallum reigned before his older brother Jehoiakim.

We read concerning three kings that the people made them kings (Uzziah, 2Chronicles 26:1; Josiah, 2 Chronicles 33:25; Jehoahaz, 2 Kings 23:30). The first two were good kings. Their being made king showed unity and righteousness, respectively. Jehoahaz, with only a 3 month reign, distinguished himself by means of unrighteousness (2 Kings 23:37). Perhaps, then, the people expressed their true spiritual condition by choosing a wicked king. Is it possible Johanan was too spiritually inclined to be the peoples choice?

D. Oliver