How many people left Egypt in the Exodus?

Is it reasonable to think that around 2 million Israelites left Egypt during the Exodus?

In Exodus 12:37, the "strong men" numbered about 600,000. If, on average, most of these were married and had only 2 children, the population would be about 2 million.

A similar measurement comes from Numbers. The number of those who arrived at Sinai (Numbers 1:1) included 603,550 males who were 20 years old or older (1:45, 46). We may approximate the remainder of the population (the children under 20 and the women) by comparing the 2 numberings of the Levites. In the first numbering (3:15), all the males from 1 month old totaled 22,000 (3:39). The second numbering counted the males from 30 to 50 (4:46-48) and totaled 8580. Therefore, approximately 40% of the total male population (22,000) was from 30 to 50 years old. About 20%, then, were 30 to 39 and another 20% were 40 to 50, although each 10 year group (birth -9, 10-20, etc.) is likely smaller than the preceding 10 year group. If we add another 20% for the 20 years old and upward, the first figure of 603,550 males (20 years old and upward) would be about 60% of the male population. In round figures, if 600,00 is 60%, then the male population would be about 1 million. Adding an equal female population brings the figure to about 2 million.

D. Oliver