What is the Oxford Group movement?

What do you think of the Oxford Group movement?

Much has been written for and against this religious cult. It ought not to be difficult for anyone who has experienced true conversion to God and found peace with Him by faith, on the ground of the precious blood of Christ, to form a correct view of a movement in which, no doubt, as in Freemasonry, Roman Catholicism, Seventh Day Adventism, etc., some true children of God are entangled. But the crucial question is, what place has Christ and His atoning work in it? It is the Sermon on the Mount, vaguely grasped, not the Atonement of Calvary, which is the favourite watch-word. It is “the Spirit” as a sort of “familiar spirit,” whispering in the ear, rather than the Holy Spirit of God testifying to Christ through the Scriptures. As far as we learn, no questions are raised to aspirants as to their doctrinal belief. A Unitarian is just as welcome as a Trinitarian; a Roman Catholic, as a Protestant; an Anglo-Catholic, as an Evangelical. It is as though the prodigal son had staged a homecoming scene, with confession, reconciliation, best garment, shoes, fatted calf, etc., all complete, but remaining the while in the far country. It is Cain offering the fruits of the earth and making himself believe it is he, not Abel, who is accepted. It is a building without foundation, but ‘best hotel accommodation’ provided for all. It is assuming the name and privileges of the family without being born into it. It would indeed be surprising were such a system anything but attractive to decent woridings.

William Hoste