Does 1 Peter 3:3 apply only to the women's style of dress?


Do the exhortations in 1 Peter 3:3, and 1 Timothy 2:9 refer to sisters only, or is it scriptural for a brother to adorn himself with a beautiful chain and badges, bracelet watch and gold rings?

One has heard it remarked, and that by way of warning, that we too often read the exhortations of the Bible for other people, rather than for ourselves. Thus parelts know all the Scriptures about the obedience of children, but there are exhortations to parents and specially to fathers. Likewise with masters and servants, let each study first in the fear of God their own special duties and then both will run more easily. Certainly, 1 Peter 3:3 does primarily apply to the wives—the exhortation running on, as is clear, from ver. I: “Likewise ye wives,” and I presume, then to women in general, but in verse 7 we read, “Likewise ye husbands”, and certain exhortations are then addressed to them which are very important.

So in 1 Timothy 2: “the men” (i.e. brethren) are to pray in every place—that is of course—lead in prayer—”holding up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.” Then the apostle expresses the will of God to the women, and begins with the manner in which they should attire themselves. We might have said with our natural will and intelligence, that men needed the exhortation as much as women, but clearly the Holy Spirit judges otherwise. Some men may be effeminate and very vain, but there is clearly as a rule a stronger tendency in the female temperament, to adorn herself in the way forbidden, than in the opposite sex.