Are angels always men or are there women angels too?

Are angels always men or are there women angels too?

Angels are neither male nor female since they are spirit beings.  They don't need a body like a human does (Colossians 1:16). However, they can and do appear to us in human form.  Although not common, there are some examples of angel appearances to people in the Bible.  These are all in the form of men.  Abraham thought he was entertaining three men visitors in his tent in Genesis 18:1-20.  Angels appeared to Lot in Genesis 19:1-20.  Lot thought they were two men until they started to perform great acts of un-human power.  Zechariah 5:9 mentions two women, but not clearly identified as angels. 

Mark 16:5 shows us a young man at the tomb of Christ who was actually an angel.  At the ascension of Christ in Acts 1:10 , two men dressed in white appeared to the disciples to tell them that Jesus would return in the same glorious manner some day. These are presumed to be angels sent with a divine message. 

Angels always appear as full-grown adults.  Cherubs are not sweet, valentine card infants with wings.  They are six-winged creatures who guard the throne of Christ (Isaiah 6:1-6).  John, Isaiah and others who were in the presence of angels, typically reacted in fear and reverence.  

Most references to angels in the Bible say nothing about wings, and in passages like Genesis 18-19, it is certain that no wings were visible.

Shad David Sluiter