Sunday School Worksheets

Sunday School Worksheets

  1. Printable Sunday School Worksheets are available for download.

  2. Sunday School Activities is another download section that includes 3D models, games and Power Points.

  3. Weekly email of a Sunday School activity featuring printable booklets and creative ways to tell a Bible story.


1. Lessons outlines and Activities.

Sunday School Lesson Plans

Lesson plans A kick-start to help you prepare for next class. Each lesson plan contains an outline of a Bible story and suggestions for how to apply the story to the truth of salvation, to a lesson about what God is like or to how to live life.

Sunday School Printable Activities
 Printable activities - Crafts, foldable paper models, worksheets, PowerPoint and other items to make your lesson more interesting and active.  Activities are numbered as follows (1-100 general lessons, 101 and higher are for stories from the Bible).

2. Sunday School Worksheets.

  • You can turn a Bible vese or chapter into a Sunday School class activity in a 3 mouse clicks or use one of the 325 worksheets already made.

Crossword Puzzle Maker Word Find Puzzle Maker  Word Scramble Puzzle Maker 

Printable Cryptogram Maker Fallen Quotes Puzzle Maker



 You need have the Acrobat PDF reader, also called Acrobat Reader and a printer.

The Sunday School Worksheets are a source of ideas for lessons and simple crafts designed for appropriate age-group levels: primary aged sunday school students can easily do the Sunday School Story Coloring Worksheets or the fill-in-the-blank worksheets.  Middle school and high school students can do the worksheet activities that have open-ended responses.  Wordfind (or wordfinder puzzles) and crossword puzzles can be done by both primary and secondary age students.  You don't need to have a crossword puzzle maker or a wordfind maker since each Bible story already is completed for you.

The Sunday School Worksheets are provided originally for free download and distribution by Calvary Chapel.  They are a free Sunday School Teacher craft idea resource that cannot be sold according to the original copyright agreement.