New Testament Bible Study

New Testament Bible Study

Resources on Gospel for New Testament Bible Study include:

In your quest for New Testament Bible Study, your primary source of information should be the New Testament itself.  Therefore, a heavily-used resource in Bible Study here is the online Bible which displays all books of the Bible, including the New Testament, in multiple versions, in parallel.

 Parallel Bible

Instructions for using the Parallel Bible in your New Testament Bible Study...

1. Select the link Parallel Bible .

2. Type in a passage Bible reference such as John 3:1-5 as pictured.

3. Choose the first Bible version to form the first version of the parallel (ASV -American Standard Version, BBE - Bible in Basic English, DBY - Darby "New Translation",  GFR - God's Word for Readers,  KJV - King James Version, WEB - World English Bible, YLT - Young's Literal Translation, or the ESV - English Standard Version) 

4. Select the second Bible version to complete the parallel.  The second, optional parallel, choice is not required to make a search.

5. Click Search to launch the parallel bible view.

If you enter a search word or phrase, the results of your parallel bible search will be different with each Bible version since the language in each Bible version is slightly different.

We hope you enjoy your New Testament Bible Study resources.