sunday school coloring pages


We have over 320 pictures in the collection of coloring pages for Sunday school. Click here .


Sunday School coloring pages are a good way to retell a story. However, there are other Sunday school activities with these pages.

Sunday School Helper

1. Lessons outlines and Activities.

  • Lesson plans - A kick-start to help you prepare for next class.
  • Printable activities - Crafts, foldable paper models, worksheets, more sunday school coloring books, PowerPoint and other items to make your lesson more interesting and active.

2. Sunday School Bible Verse Puzzle Maker.

  • You can turn a Bible vese or chapter into a Sunday School class activity in a 3 mouse clicks.

Crossword Puzzle Maker Word Find Puzzle Maker  Word Scramble Puzzle Maker 

Printable Cryptogram Maker Fallen Quotes Puzzle Maker 

3. Online Study Bible

Bible search, commentary, dictionary and other tools to help you prepare a lesson for your next class. 

4. Newsletter for Sunday School Teachers - The EncouragerSunday School Newsletter for Teachers

Get a weekly class activity in your mailbox. There are two options for the Encourager:


4. Sunday School Teaching Help

The Sunday School Helper is an online book with ideas for organizing a lesson, maintaining discipline in the classroom, selecting an appropriate Bible verse, learning styles and much more.