Sell Your Christian or Bible Website WTB

WTB - Want to Buy - Christian Website or your website based on the Bible, Sunday school, prayer, Bible study or related topic.

If you have a website that has been useful for sharing the Bible with the Internet audience but now find it difficult to maintain, please contact us at using the Contact link on the left.

Information we would like to know about your site:

1) Costs.  How much are you asking to sell your site for?

2) Value.  A website is valuable not for it's design, but for it's traffic. We are interested in buying a site that has some value in its assets such: established time online (more than one year), has some traffic (100 or more visits per day), some quality inbound links from other internet sites (such as dmoz or yahoo directory),  some subscribers in a mailing list, and some search keywords that are in the first 10 results of Google, Yahoo or Bing (MSN).

3) History.  Tell us about your site. Why and when did you create it? What makes you decide to no longer operate it? is a Christian website whose mission is to share the message of the Bible as God's Word.  Any websites that we aquire are operated on this understanding.

Shad Sluiter