Bible Games for a Group

Bible games for a group that are online here include:

1.  Lost Bible Searchers Game .  This small group Bible game requires players to traverse the map of the Bible world collecting pages from books of the Bible.

2.  Books of the Bible Game .  This collection of six Bible games for a group uses cards with information from the books of the Bible to help students learn their order and some facts about each book.

3. Criminal Suspects of the Bible .  This Bible game for a group requires students to identify the bad guy based on a police record of his/her crime.

4. Tribulation Survivor Game .  This is Bible game for a group that should be used after teaching about the Great Tribulation in Revelation.  Participants are living the Great Tribulation with the goal of surviving great disasters, persecution of the Antichrist and famine.


For some other Bible games for a group, browse the 350 Sunday school worksheets that contain a coloring page, crossword puzzle and other activities to review a Bible story.

Use one of the puzzle makers below to create your own Bible Games for a Group. 

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Bible Story Crafts
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Bible Story Crafts
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