Sunday School Curriculum

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How to use the Sunday School Curriculum 

How to use the Sunday School Curriculum

This Sunday School Curriculum was created to provide a Sunday school teacher the direction for 3 years of lessons without repeating Bible stories.

The sunday school curriculum is found in the Sunday school lessons section of this site. 

It's purpose of Sunday School Curriculum is to support the creativity of a teacher by giving him/her a framework to follow.  It works as a guide for teaching the entire Bible and God's workings with people of every part of the globe and from every walk of life.

You will see that there are more stories in the Sunday school curriculum than could be covered a single Sunday School year.  The typical school year for the Sunday School Cirriculum lasts fifty two weeks, but churches sometimes have special weeks for their Sunday School such as a program or some Sundays could be utilized for guest teachers who teach a lesson to the entire group. The Sunday school cirriculum is designed to be generalized enough so that various age groups can be accomodated.

Emphasis for each age group.

K to middle school

Teachers using the Sunday School Cirriculum with the youngest students should emphazie what the Bible says about God's Character and Person and His Personal Interest in each of us.  The early years are the critical time when we form our first opinions of God.

Teenage Classes

Those who use the Sunday school curriculum for middle and high school students may wish to emphasize how people of the Bible obeyed God and followed sound advice. During this critical time of life, it is important that the students learn how to apply the Scriptures to personal decisions and needs.