Sunday School Activities

Sunday School Activities

You can either make your own Sunday school activities with the programs below or select one of the following Sunday school activities:

Activities for Sunday School Teachers 

Sunday School Helper

1. Lesson Activities.

You will find a lesson plan, activity, printable artwork, games and illustrations for 254 stories in the Bible.

  • Lesson plans - A list of important points that you should review for most of the stories in the Bible.  You should have an important message to get accross before you plan one of your Sunday school activities that is supposed to support the teaching portion of the lesson.
  • Printable activities - This is the list of Sunday school activities that can reinforce your lesson.  From 3D models of the tabernacle, to printable coloring books to games that you can print, these Sunday school activities will save your hours of work, especially if you are not the creative type of teacher.

2. Sunday School Worksheets.

  • Be careful not to over-use puzzles.  They lose their effectiveness if you do them every week.  With these programs you can turn a Bible vese a Sunday School activity in a 3 mouse clicks.  If you want to save even more time, select one of the 325 worksheets that has already been created for you.

Crossword Puzzle Maker Word Find Puzzle Maker  Word Scramble Puzzle Maker 

Printable Cryptogram Maker Fallen Quotes Puzzle Maker 

3. Online Study Bible

Bible search, commentary, dictionary and other tools to help you prepare a lesson for your next class. Although the Study Bible doesn't count as one of the Sunday school activities, it is important that a Sunday school teacher does more preparation in understanding the scripture than in creating a craft, puzzle or some other interesting Sunday school activity.  The teacher needs to know what God's intentions were by reading the scripture rather than trying to apply a certain pre-conceived idea.

4. Newsletter for Sunday School Teachers - The EncouragerSunday School Newsletter for Teachers

The Encourager is a weekly newsletter for Sunday school teachers. The newsletter is the best way to keep up to date with what new Sunday school activities have been created on the site.  Each week, a new printable Sunday school activity will arrive at your mailbox - free!