Sunday school printables

Sunday school printables

Listed here are a few of the features Sunday school printable on the site.  For a complete listing of over 120 ready-to-print Sunday school printables, click here . For three specific recommendations, read on...


Printable Nativity Scene

Printable Manger Nativity Scene

Your Sunday school class can finish this printables in about one hour.  Using a scissors and tape, your students will re-create the night in which our Savior was born.  Also included is a small house where the wise men came to visit.

Click here or the picture to download the printable PDF file.


Printable 3D Tabernacle

In about one hour you and your students can create a 3D printable model Moses' tabernacle.  Click here for the Tabernacle Model.  Requires Acrobat reader.


Printable Noah's Ark

3D model of Noah's Ark - A scale model to reconstruct the Ark that survived the flood at 130 to 1 scale.

Worksheet and Lesson Plan - Talking points to accompany the lesson of Noah's Ark and the flood.




Other Printable Resources

If you are a Bible class teacher, you may also be interested in the items in the Sunday School section of this site.

- Word puzzle creators to create your own crossword puzzles and word games.

- Subscribe to The Encourager, a weekly newsletter for Sunday school teachers that usually includes Sunday school printables.  This is best for teachers who find themselves scrambling every Saturday night to find something to teach.  Let us help with a weekly idea.