sunday school lessons for children

Sunday School Lessons for Children

There are several good resources here for Sunday school lessons for children.  Choose one of the following:


1. Lesson plans - in order to help you develop a long-term plan as well as apply Bible stories to life, over 250 Sunday school lessons for children will keep you on track for about three years of Sunday school teaching.  Each lesson contains several talking points and a memory verse.


2. Printable activities - printable maps, 3D models, puzzles, self-evaluation quizzes and games will help you make your Sunday school lessons for children of all ages more engaged in your story.  Most of these activities are PDF files or Power Point presentations.  Most of projects require taping and cutting or coloring to complete.


3. worksheets - although somewhat repetative, puzzles can be used occasionally to review the points you make in your Sunday school lessons for children.  The worksheets include crosswords, word finds, word scrambles and others.  Each worksheet is specific to a Bible story which avoids the problem with most puzzle books - general questions that apply to no specific part of the Bible.


4. Newsletter - when Saturday night comes to your house and you need to invent another Sunday school lesson for your children, a weekly lesson in your inbox might be just what you need to start your thinking process started.  The visitor metrics to this site spike every Saturday by about 20% above the normal amount of daily visitors.  Each week the new items are added to the printable activities section.  This newsletter will get you the newest updates to the site first.  Feedback from subscribers provides new ideas for future activities.


All material on the site is free to use.  Please use it and share it with others who are creating Sunday school lessons for children.  Although the activities retain their copyrigh, permission is granted for non-profit use in an educational environment.