Becky MacLeod - Hickory, North Carolina

Becky MacLeodBecky MacLeod - Hickory, North Carolina

I am very thankful to God for placing me in a godly home where His Word was of utmost importance.  Born in 1968 in Santiago, Chile, the 4th & last child of missionary parents, I was exposed to the gospel- the good news of Jesus Christ- right from the beginning of my life.  Throughout my childhood I regularly heard the message of sin and my need of a Savior.  Growing up we attended meetings most nights of the week in different towns, including gospel, ministry & prayer meetings, and averaged 6 meetings on a Sunday, including 2 Sunday Schools and 2 Gospel meetings in different towns.  I don’t recall being bothered by such a number of meetings- it was just a way of life in a busy missionary family.  In fact, after moving to the USA at the age of thirteen I found myself really looking forward to Wednesday night meetings at the Gospel Hall because I was bored!

At the age of three our family returned to the USA on furlough for about two years.  We lived in McKeesport, PA and my parents were in assembly fellowship in the assembly that meets in Gospel Hall there, where once again, we heard clearly of our need of a Savior. Around the age of five I remember thinking about my soul, and going to my room and sitting down on my bed.  I knew I was a sinner and that my sin would take me to hell.  I remember asking the Lord Jesus to save me and to take me to heaven when He came back for the saved (at the Rapture).   I did not spend a long time in soul trouble at that age, but at the first serious thought I had about the matter I simply trusted, “as a little child,” that Jesus had died for me.  Then I got up and went out to play, knowing the matter was settled. 

Unfortunately, I did not speak to anyone about it at the time, and experienced doubts about my salvation for years.  My parents would ask me if I was saved and I would sometimes reply “yes,” and sometimes “I don’t know.”  By the age of twelve I knew for sure I was saved and had no more doubts.  Throughout the years, although I’ve often checked my foundation, I’m thankful that I’ve never been plagued with doubts about my salvation since then.

Shortly before my thirteenth birthday I became convinced about obeying the Lord in baptism.  Even though by then I was sure of my salvation, I was not sure whether I had really gotten saved at the age of five, or around age seven, when I had done some soul searching and had prayed that the Lord would save me, just in case I really hadn’t gotten saved. (I clearly remember that occasion as well, standing beside the wood stove in our house in Osorno, Chile.)  Before asking for baptism I prayed that the Lord would reveal to me the time of my salvation, and He impressed upon me the first experience at the age of five.  What joy it was to feel God answering the prayer of a young girl.  I was baptized in the Rio Rahue in Osorno, Chile, in November, 1981, at the age of thirteen, and was received into assembly fellowship in the Osorno Gospel Hall two weeks later. 

A little less than a year later our family moved to North Carolina in order for us to attend High School here.  I have been in happy fellowship in the Hickory Gospel Hall, NC since September 1982.

Jesus said:  “Suffer (allow) the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.”

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