George Campbell Biography, Evangelist to Newfoundland - 5 - THE CHALLENGE OF WAITING



?And when it was evening, his disciples came to him, saying, this is a desert place, and the time is now past; send the multitude away, that they may go into the villages and buy themselves victuals. But Jesus said unto them, They need not depart; give ye them to eat. And they say unto him, ?We have here but five loaves, and two fishes?? He said, ?bring them hither to me?? And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed and brake and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude. And they did all eat and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full. And they that had eaten were about five thousand men, beside women and children??

Matthew 14:15-21

Notation on margin of George?s Bible:

?Answer to prayer to go to Labrador.

October 26, 1956??

?And now, behold, I loose thee this day from the chains which were upon thine hand. If it seem good unto thee to come with me into Babylon, come; and I will look well unto thee: but if it seem ill unto thee to come with me into Babylon, forbear: behold, all the land is before thee: whither it seemeth good and convenient for thee to go, thither go??

Jeremiah 40:4

After hearing a message on making restitutions, George sent rent money to a former employer and received this reply:


Mr. George Campbell

Box 155

Carbonear, Newfoundland Dear Mr. Campbell

Your letter of recent date with enclosures of a $20.00 and a $5.00 Cana­dian Bank Notes are thoroughly appreciated, and I want to advise you that this money, along with your letter, is being given to Dr. Martin P. Baker, Pastor of the Palm Desert Community Church.

This little Community Church, common to all religious institutes, is forever in need of funds and I am sure the money which you forwarded will be devoted to a worthy Christian cause. I am also taking the liberty of giving Dr.  Baker your letter, and it is my belief that he will incorporate same in a sermon at an early date.

There are so many stories in the news during this troubled world that tend to lessen our faith in human nature. A wonderful Christian letter such as the one you forwarded should re-establish Christian faith in hu­manity for all those who learn of your repentance, and how you went back several years to correct a matter which caused you mental agony.

The incident of yourself and the two other lads leaving Palm Desert with unpaid rent has long since been forgotten. Your action has more than compensated for any worry or monitory loss concerning same. I am happy and proud to learn of your present Christian endeavors in the Missionary Field and wish you every success for the future.

Personal regards,

                                     Clifford W Henderson


Bethany Gospel Hall

1940 23rd Avenue

Oakland 6, California

December 18. 1954

To saints gathered unto the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ wherever found. Greetings in His precious name

Beloved Brethren:- The Assembly of Saints gathered unto the pre­cious name of our Lord Jesus Christ at Bethany Gospel Hall, 1940 - 23rd Avenue. Oakland 9, CalIfornia, take great pleasure in commending our beloved Brother George Campbell, to full time service for the Lord in Newfoundland. Canada, and the United States.

Our Brother was saved about four years ago, and since the day of his salvation he has been an out-and-out testimony for Christ, and during the early part of 1953 he was burdened for service for the Lord In Newfound­land, and sought the advice of his brethren at Bethany, and a few months later we granted him a temporary letter to that service.

He was saved in Vancouver, B.C. during the time of a revival there, immediately after this he came to us at Bethany and sought fellowship, and while he was with -us he was very active in Sunday School and young people?s work as well as open-air work. He was also responsible for leading his father and mother to the Lord, both are with us at Bethany and very active, for which we thank God.

While laboring in Newfoundland under the temporary arrangement, he was under the direction, and still is, of Brother Herb Harris, from whom we have two letters of most hearty commendation regarding our Brother?s work there. Both carry a fragrance of humility, and the satisfaction of our Brother Harris.

We also have numerous letters from Brother George which would Indicate to us his humility and dependence on the Lord.

In view of the foregoing facts this commendation is heartily granted, and thus we call upon our Brethren everywhere to join with us in their prayers and fellowship, on behalf of our Brother, that God would use him to magnify the Lord Jesus Christ, to the salvation of the Lost, and the edification of the Saints.

Yours because of Calvary,

Neil Greenlaw

Geoge Young

Edwin Harper

John Hozack

Harold Robaras

Wm. Markham

Leslie Wathen

Thomas Hill

Wm Reinheimer

James Niven

William Reid


There are a few interesting things about the feeding of the five thou­sand. It brought forth the greatest reaction of all the miracles that Jesus performed. John 6 tells us how immediately they wanted to make him a king, and he had to move out of their midst. Another interesting point is that this miracle shows the deity of Christ. He is God, the Creator. You see He created here. The devil can do miracles, but his are miracles of destruction. The devil cannot create anything. The Lord created out of five loaves and two fishes enough to feed a great multitude.

Thousands of people had come to an isolated place near the Sea of Galilee, and ?Jesus looking on them had compassion upon them for he saw them as sheep without a shepherd!? There in the open air, He healed many and taught them. They were so taken up with the Saviour?s teach­ing they forgot about eating. As time went on they became a multitude of hungry people but would not leave while Jesus was speaking.

?Master,? Phillip said, ?two hundred penny worth of bread would never feed these people. That is nothing among so many!?

?There is a boy here with five barley loaves and two small fishes,? said Andrew.

I can see the little boy, looking up into that face, the kind gentle face of Jesus and saying, ?Sir, do you want my lunch? you can have it all!?

The Lord is able to use whatever we give to Him. The Lord Jesus then lifted his voice to God and blessed those five loaves and two fish. Then He broke them, gave them to the disciples and the disciples to the mul­titude.


These four things are most interesting. First of all, you must give. Se­condly, if you give, He will bless. Thirdly, remember that when He bless­es, He also breaks us, so that fourthly, He can use us.

We sometimes struggle in our lives and say, ?I know it?s right to give everything to the Lord!? We struggle with our conscience, ?I know this is not really evil in itself, but still I know that You are speaking to me to do a little more, to give a little more money, time and service!? What does the Lord want? Ourselves, doesn?t He? ?Son, give me thine heart!? The Lord wants the heart.

I found in my service over the years that I have given much to the Lord. I?ve been so busy giving him things and doing things for Him that I forgot to give Him my heart. You see, if we give Him our life, if we give Him our heart, if we give Him everything totally with the attitude, ?Here I am, Jesus, I?m all yours; you do what you want,? He will bless it.


Now, pardon me for taking a leaf out of my own calendar. I am going back a number of years. We do not always fully give ourselves to the Lord, but there are experiences when we do fully give ourselves to the Lord and we find the Lord takes what we give Him. He blesses it, He breaks it, and then He uses it.

I was in the city of Corner Brook, Newfoundland in 1956, a young man, discouraged, dissatisfied with my life and disappointed because I hadn?t seen the results that I wanted to see. I had put a lot of service and a lot of time into the Lord?s work, but still nothing was really hap­pening. In that difficult time, there was one thing that stood out in my mind. I really wanted to go somewhere where no one had preached the gospel, or as far as I knew there was very little gospel ever preached. I wanted to tell the story of the gospel, see people saved and baptized and see an assembly planted, just like we see it in the Bible. This was growing on me. Maybe you have something like that growing in your heart. If not, give yourself to the Lord and say, ?Lord, what do you want me to do??

At that time, I felt completely given over to the Lord. I had spent time there; I had finished my course in that place and I wanted to move on. I was really praying very earnestly about going back to Labrador where we had been with the boat that summer. The people and the place had captured my heart. It came to the place where there was a complete sur­render; nothing else mattered. If this is the will of God, that?s all I wanted.

I wanted the Lord to confirm this and so one day I got down on my knees and began to read my chapter in Jeremiah like a good, obedient Christian, you know Whether I got anything out of it or not, I still read my chapter (but don?t stop reading, because a good habit is better than none at all). I was searching, and as I read in Jeremiah 40:4, the Lord spoke to me.

?If it seemeth good unto thee to come into Babylon,? I read in that verse. That is religious confusion; that is what is up there in Labrador. ?Come!? God was inviting me, ?Come on!? He said, ?I will look well unto thee, but if it seem ill unto thee to come into Babylon, forbear!? I had to make the decision. ?Behold all the land is before thee whither it see­meth good and convenient for thee to go, thither go!? I marked in my Bible, ?Answer to prayer to go to Labrador, October 26, 1956!?

I presented that to the senior worker, Mr. Herb Harris. He heartily approved and away I went. Now, I am not going into the long story of all the things that took place on the Labrador coast, but He did bless it. I gave it, and He blessed it. I went 2r there with one bag, one suit and a coat. With me were a box of tracts and a box of Bibles. When I left there thirteen years later, I had quite a few suitcases, a wife and four children.

The principle I am trying to pass on is if we choose to give ourselves totally to the Lord, He will take us and He will bless us. What about this breaking? Are we to get down on our knees and say, ?Lord, break me?? Don?t do that. That is dangerous. Don?t do that, whatever you do. I know in your youth, your zeal, your love and devotion to the Lord, you are willing to say, ?Here I am, break me, break me to pieces!? But don?t do that. I?ll tell you why. The Lord will break you. He knows where you need to be broken. Let Him do it. Just be willing. He will not break you beyond that which you are able.

I was just thinking tonight that if I had gotten cancer twenty years ago, I think I would have been far more devastated. I wouldn?t have been able to take it then in the same way I am taking it now. Whatever break­ing process God will allow in your life or in my life, He does it that we might be better able to serve Him. Don?t be afraid of the breaking process.

There is another point I would like to bring out. We all have needs and God has already made the provision. All the provision is made for your need. God has made provision to meet my need, day by day, whatever it is. Accept that by faith. Faith is confidence in God.

Tired and hungry disciples and thousands of hungry people were there that day. What could Jesus do? He took those five loaves and two fish, broke them and He gave the food to the disciples. Everyone had plenty. Twelve baskets were filled as they brought the fragments to the Lord. One of the remarkable things about the whole miracle is that He used what was given. He multiplied it and it spread out and out and out. If we give to the Lord, He will give back to us. So we give, He blesses, He breaks and then He uses.

Apply these four steps in your life and they will work -they will definitely work.

A lot of people have the energy, the skill, the ability, the intelligence and the knowledge of the scriptures, but they are not willing to do what Jesus wants them to do. They never really go anywhere. So the first step is to give yourself. Say, ?Lord, I am willing to do whatever you want me to do!? If you mean that, the Lord will have something from you that He can take and bless. He will break you along the way, but He will use you.

Mr. Laidlaw, who wrote The Reason Why, spoke at Bethany Hall in Oakland, California and afterward we young fellows gathered around him because he was an outstanding speaker and an outstanding Christian. He was a business man, who God had greatly blessed. He said to us, ?God isn?t looking for people with a lot of education or clever people. He uses them, but that is not the big thing. He is looking for people to do what He wants them to do!?

I have enjoyed very, very much recently taking a day at a time and saying, ?Lord, here I am today, and it?s my day and your day; whatever you want, I need your presence. I need your help in whatever you want me to do!?

I had the opportunity to counsel a young couple one day and just af­ter they left somebody knocked on the door. A young man was there, a Real Estate agent who asked, ?Are you interested in selling your house??

I replied, ?I don?t own the house, I am just renting it, but come on in!? So he came in and we sat down and had a good solid half hour talk­ing about the Lord. He took a couple of books when he left. I wondered if that fellow ?just touched the hem of His garment!?

He said to me, ?I get a lot of doors shut in my face. It is nice to get in the warm a little. One fellow I hear on the radio I relate to is Chuck Swindoll!?

God used one man?s preaching on the radio and now God used me to go a step further with that man. Look for results. Don?t just look to see how much ground you can cover. We want to see results. I have often said to people, ?Don?t look back on what a young person used to be two or three years ago, or what they said or what they did, whatever the case may be. Where are they now; that is what I get joy from!?

Related scriptures: Colossians 1:15-19; Hebrews 1; Matthew 4:3-4; lob 1:6-19; Proverbs 23:26; II Corinthians 10:16; Acts 9:6; Matthew 6:25-34.