Dennis Stickfort - Dunkerton, IA

Dennis Stickfort

Dennis Stickfort - Dunkerton, IA 

I was born on March 30, 1957. The memories of my childhood are happy ones enhanced by a mother and father who were saved and loved the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of my earliest memories includes a funeral service of a man named Oliver Smith when I was only 3 years old. I had to sit on my mother's lap because every seat was filled.

The importance of being saved was impressed upon me on one occassion, when my parents asked my Uncle Delmer and Aunt Joyce to attend a gospel meeting. My siblings and I had to stay in the car because of the importance of this matter.

I was born again on October 3, 1962. The date is remembered because my mother keeps a diary. The event is remembered because it happened to me. An evangelist name Milo VanderKrol came to have children's meetings in the Waterloo Gospel Hall. I remember the night my cousin Dennis Zingg leaned ahead in his seat to listen to the speaker instead of playing tic-tac-toe with me. I was convinced that he might be the last one to be saved, Heaven would be filled and the Lord Jesus would return for the saved ones with me left out! On the way home from that meeting and knowing the concern my parents had for us children to be saved, I leaned ahead from the back seat of the car to ask Dad a question. I said, "If I believe, I'll be saved, won't I dad." I was sure he would say yes since I knew many verses from the Bible by memory already including John 3:16. Instead he told me he couldn't make salvation sure to me since it was Christ that died to provide salvation and God's word alone that could give assurance. At that point, I realized I was lost as to how to be saved.

Three nights later, and after much soul trouble, I again leaned ahead from the back seat of the car to ask Dad nearly the same question as before. He gave nearly the same answer as before and I felt that sinking feeling of desperation. I remember looking out the car window into the dark night and thinking to myself, "There's a great big God out there who made me and loved me enough to send His only Son to die that I might have Salvation." I remember resting back in the seat "knowing" it is true and it is enough. The transaction was made just like John 5:24 says, "He that heareth my Word and believeth on Him that sent me hath everlasting life."