Viola Carlson - Dunkerton, IA

Viola Carlson - Dunkerton, IA

My brother said his gun was empty one day when he came home from hunting, but the gun discharged and the bullet went into the floor about a foot from where I was holding my little brother. The same brother was swinging a baseball bat and I was planting flowers. The bat slipped from his hand and hit me on the head. If I had been killed when these things happened I would have been in Hell as I wasn’t saved.

I never heard about salvation until I married my husband. When we were working on our house, I moved a step ladder and a hammer which was on top of the ladder fell on me. My husband had said I must get saved.

In January 1966, a lady invited me to a Baptist Church. I went forward when they had the Altar Call. I told a lady I knew I had to obey the Ten Commandments.

One day my sister-in-law, Linda, told me some ladies were studying Colossians. Colossians 1:27 said, “Christ in You”. This puzzled me. I read other places that when you’re saved Christ is in you.

One Wednesday night when a Bible meeting was at my house, one of the men asked if I wanted to be baptized. I said, “Yes”, but then thought what if I’m not saved.

On July 29, 1973, I went to the tent meeting in Dunkerton. David Adams chose a song which said, “Christ For You”. I kept thinking about Christ in you. After the meeting, I was visiting with Barb Nesbit and she said, “That was a good meeting, isn’t it good we’re saved?” I said, yes, but then thought, what if I’m not saved. I took a girl home, and when driving back to the town of Dunkerton I said, “God, why isn’t Christ in me? He died for me!"

Happy tears came and I knew I was saved because Christ died for me. I was saved on July 29, 1973 and later baptized on September 23, 1973.