Heidi McCandless - Burk's Falls, Ontario

Heidi McCandlessHeidi McCandless - Burk's Falls, Ontario

Procrastination.  Every one of us deals with this to some degree.  In some situations it doesn’t make much difference, in others, it can change the course of your life!  I almost missed the most important thing ever because I was too slow to realize how important it was.  I’m speaking of course of my own life – eternal life that is.

I grew up attending church, going to Sunday school and knowing that God said in the Bible that I needed to be “saved”.  I needed to have a time when my sins were forgiven so I could go to Heaven.  My family went to meeting after meeting where the speakers would explain that the Bible says we are sinners and need to look to Jesus Christ to have our sins forgiven.  I was a “good kid” trying to not disappoint my parents by breaking the rules.  This was great for my Mom and Dad but it made it harder for me to realize that I was indeed a sinner.  When attending church at the Gospel Hall I would be concerned about going to Hell but couldn’t seem to “figure out” salvation so just kept leaving it until the next meeting – procrastination! 

In 1984 I graduated from high school.  Because of Orson Well’s book, 1984, I was almost positive the Lord Jesus was coming and I would be left behind.  You would think that would have motivated me to seek for salvation with all my might.  Instead, the year came and went and of course the Lord still had not come.  I relaxed and decided to enjoy life.  I went to college and decided to try some of the things my parents had always forbidden mo to do.  Life at 21 was great.  I had a good job as a secretary, my own car, my own apartment and a good-looking boyfriend.  What else is there to wish for?  It was exciting but often at the end of the day lying in bed I realized that I was empty. 

In September two men came to Iowa to preach about being saved.  They knew me and were concerned that I would miss Heaven.  They called me and asked if we could meet to talk.  I knew what they wanted to talk about and didn’t really want to get together.  But I had good manners and we met.

While talking to the preachers and reading bible verses with them, I realized one thing – I thought that whenever I really wanted to get saved I could.  But I would soon find out that I couldn’t! 

The men told me to go home and read Romans chapter 3 and picture the scene as a courtroom with God as the judge and myself standing before him.  The next day I did this.  It seemed that every verse in that chapter described me.  I was a sinner and deserved to go to Hell.  It was a desperate feeling and I wanted help!  The next night after the meeting, the preachers met with me again.  They asked me to read 1 Peter 3:18,

“For Christ also has once suffered for sins, the Just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God”. 

I realized that I was the unjust one (sinner!) that the Just One (Lord Jesus Christ) had died for on the cross 2000 years ago!  I was saved!  God said Jesus died for sinners and that was me!  God cannot lie and I am relying on Jesus Christ death alone as my “ticket to Heaven”.

I nearly missed out on the best thing in life – eternal life.  I would not recommend that you procrastinate about your own life either!

“Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near”

After my salvation, I met married Steve McCandless, from St. Thomas, Ontario.  We have two children - Brittany and Ian.