Bryon K Meyers - Pasco, Washington

Bryon MeyersBryon K Meyers - Pasco, Washington

How God touched my life 

I was born on a cold winter day at my Aunt and Uncle’s home in Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada on January 19, 1945. At the age of four we moved from living on the farm in the Taylorside area into Melfort. Dad and his brother continued to farm together in the summer and operated a large portable sawmill north of the town of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan during the winter months.

When I was eight, Dad sold the farm at Taylorside and bought some land at Hudson Bay. At that time, Dad had gotten away from the Lord and eventually left the Taylorside Assembly church. Because there was no Assembly church at Hudson Bay, we stayed in Melfort. We would live on the farm in Hudson Bay in the summer months when there was no school helping Dad with the farm work. When Dad got away from the Lord and sold the Taylorside farm, we went from financially rich to financially poor. Mom took in boarders to help pay expenses. The four of us kids also did odd jobs to help out. It was a happy day when Dad was restored to the Lord.

We went to church at the Taylorside Gospel Hall which was about 9 miles west of Melfort. We had only one family car which Dad needed and he was seldom at home, so we always had to catch a ride out to church with one of the church members who lived on a farm just out of town. We would walk about a mile across town to the main road that went out to Taylorside.

Mom always read the Bible to us after breakfast every morning and taught us about God, His love and our need to be saved. We always went to church, learned Sunday School verses and understood that we were sinners.

Winters were long and very cold with lots of snow. Our church usually had a gospel series during these long cold winter nights which would usually last for four or five weeks with two preachers speaking every night except Saturday. It was during one of these gospel series in November of 1955 that I got saved. Mr. Albert Joyce was there for gospel services. After hearing night after night the truth of heaven and hell, the need of having ones sins forgiven and that Jesus Christ was the only answer, I became convicted of my sins and wanted to become a Christian. I had been taught these things in church but I really never gave them much thought. Now the Spirit of God was convicting me that if I was ever going to be in heaven, I needed to know that when Jesus Christ died on the cross, he died for the punishment of my sins.

One night I so badly wanted to be saved that I stayed in my seat while others were leaving  and waited for someone to come and talk to me about salvation. I looked up and saw some of my cousins going out. They were not saved and laughed at me for staying behind. Their look seemed to say, “you don’t want to be saved, why are you staying behind?” Foolishly I got up and walked out. I knew that if I died in my sins or if the Lord were to come back, I would go to hell.

On the way out an old aunt of mine whispered over my shoulder, “I know you want to be saved and I am praying for you.”

The Lord used that to speak loudly to my soul. It was only a few nights later, on November 15th sitting by my friend Grant Seale, that I decided that I had to get saved that night.

The thought came to me, “what if your friend Grant gets up and leaves, will you leave?”

In my heart I knew that I couldn’t let others influence my decision for eternity. Again I stayed in my seat after the service was over. Grant also stayed as the Spirit of God was dealing with him also. My uncle Arthur Taylor came and went over God’s plan of salvation with us, quoting many Bible verses.

He quoted Romans 5:6 “For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” 

That verse made me realize that if Christ died for the ungodly, then He died for me as I was ungodly. That night at the age of 10, I knew the truth that Jesus died for my sins. That night the burden of sins was lifted as I rested on what the Lord Jesus had done for me.  The people who gave me a ride that night knew that I was in a hurry to get home and tell Mom that I had gotten saved so they took me home instead of making me walk the last mile. Mom was laying in her bed reading her Bible when I walked in to tell her.

She took one look at me and said, “you got saved tonight!” 

I said, “how do you know?”

She said, “it is written all over you face.” 

I was later baptized and received into Assembly fellowship.

For the last 51 years, I have enjoyed the truth…

  • that my sins are forgiven through the death of Christ and His resurrection
  • that I have been spiritually born into the family of God
  • that God is my father
  • that God is always there for me
  • I served a living Savior who is coming again

Are you ready for eternity?