Charles Spataro - Palm Springs, California

I was born in East Boston, Ma. into a family of six children. I'm the oldest son with four sisters and a younger brother.
We faithfully went to  Sunday  school  services  at  a  Methodist  Episcopal  church. We were taught many wonderful hymns and given a  scripture  card  each  week  that  had a picture on one side and the story on the other side.   So I believed all  about  The  Lord  Jesus in my mind.  I believed that He healed the sick,  walked on the waves of the sea, raised the dead ones back to life and was  God's Son who came down from heaven.  He  was  crucified,  buried, and rose up from the dead. I wondered why the church was full of people on  Palm Sunday,  Easter, and  Christmas.  The rest of the year, it was a small congregation. 

My sisters,  Anna,  Phyllis, Violet, and Gloria went to a Thursday evening Sewing Class at the  East  Boston  Gospel  Hall.    Sister Theresa  Procopio  showed the girls how to sew and gave a gospel message before the meeting was over.   My sister Phyllis got saved and came home pleading  with  Mom and all of us to be sure getting saved and having sins forgiven and a home in heaven.   I was invited to go to hear the word of God from young people who "really" knew God's word.   I told her that I knew all about the  Bible and had no desire to go. She was persistent, so after a month I went to this "storefront" with a large Bible opened up in one window  and a marker at John 3:16.   They had chairs in a  circle or  squared  for  classes.   I sat in a class of young teenagers and before  the  class  began, one  of  the young boys said to me. 

"You know,  you're a sinner!.   I was not happy with that introduction and I began to defend myself, I stated that I did not swear or smoke, and he said.

"Look at this verse,  All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." 

Then the teacher commenced the class and all I could think of was the fact that I was sinner and although I thought I knew all about the Bible, I had not known about that verse in Romans three.   As an oldest son,  I had  thoughts  of being  in charge and  caused  my Mom some grief with my "bossy" ways over my sisters and younger brother.  

One evening I was convicted of  my  ways  and  knew  that  if I died in my sins I would go to hell and deserved to be there.   I knew that Christ had died upon the cross for sinners, and I knew that His precious  blood  shed  almost  2000  years  ago  had  the  power  to  wash  away  my  sins.    So I  prayed to God and acknowledged  my sins  telling  God that I believed  that  the  blood  of  Christ  could  take  my  sins  away  and  I  was accepting Christ as my Saviour.   I thought to myself,  Can it be this easy?   I'll ask God again to make sure.   So I told God that I was accepting His Son as my  Saviour  becuse  His  Blood that was shed at Calvary had the power to clean me of all my sins.   I felt as it were a relief and weight of my back.   Then I wrote the  date  in  my  Bible since we were taught that a person that is saved has a place Where it happened,

When it happened and How it happened. The date  was January 1st 1945. The greatest event that ever happened by the Soverign Grace of God. I pray that the Spirit of God will reveal Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour to many  and become as myself, only a Sinner saved by grace.  Jesus saith unto him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no one comes unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6.